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Fresh Sounds always aims to ensure every guest at your function has not only a good time on the dance floor, but also an enhanced listening experience.

From kids parties right through to 60th birthday parties, we have catered for many cultures and often at events and functions we need to cater for diverse musical tastes which is an area that Fresh Sounds understand.

Every function is different and a balance of music for the age of the guests as well as their tastes is essential. Some functions are a mix of slow dances, high energy rock, langarm, classic rock, and soul from the 60s, rock from the 80s, dance mixes and the list goes on. Watching how comfortable the crowd is, who comes back the floor for which numbers is all part of the job and no amount of playlists can guarantee that. Reading the crowd is a skill that only developes over a period of years so its essential that your DJ has that experience!

All our music equipment is of the highest quality and our service to the most exacting standards. Clients come to us because we go the extra mile to ensure you the time of your life.

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